Domiciliary Care

With home care services previously run by local councils now contracted out, the private sector domiciliary care market has grown rapidly in the past decade. With an ageing population enjoying longer life spans and being granted greater control of their own budgets, it will not only continue to grow but become more complex and competitive as new providers enter it.

Working closely with our clients, we can prioritise the data they need to flourish in this changing marketplace.  To gather it, we can select the most appropriate methodologies in a portfolio ranging from large scale resident surveys to one-to-one interviews and focus groups. We can then apply an equally wide variety of techniques to process and analyse it, before making it readily accessible to the client via reports or presentations

Value for Money

This flexibility enables us to custom-design research programmes that give each of our clients easy access at minimum cost to the data they require to:-

  • Assess current and future markets to inform investment and expansion;
  • Identify strengths and challenges;
  • Involve and inspire staff;
  • Plan recruitment and training
  • Plan recruitment and training;
  • Demonstrate duty of care.

Marketing Support

The data we gather is also a powerful tool to help clients develop a closely targeted, cost-efficient marketing strategy.  As part of our service, we and our associates will not only help them make best use of it but also to identify and apply for any grant funding available to help meet the costs.

Download NWA Domiciliary Care Leaflet