Residential Care & Nursing Homes

We have applied the expertise developed and refined over 30 years of delivering social and market research to great effect for clients in the residential care and nursing home sectors. With a wide range of survey methodologies and analysis techniques at our disposal, we are able to design best value research programmes that collect process and analyse a wealth of data to help clients to:

  • Identify strengths and challenges;
  • Plan investment;
  • Develop effective marketing strategy;
  • Engage and enthuse staff
  • Demonstrate duty of care


In addition to postal, telephone and on-line surveys, we can deliver one to one interviews and organise focus groups to gather data from residents and their families.

We also organise staff surveys that increase their motivation and effectiveness by involving them in the decision-making process as well as providing a fresh perspective on operational issues.

Data Analysis

We can call upon a wide range of tools and techniques to analyse and process the data we gather, and present it so that it is easily accessible to the client’s decision makers. Among the techniques that have proved particularly effective in analysing residential care data are:-

Key Driver Analysis: – which identifies the issues that contribute most to the satisfaction of residents and their families, thus enabling us to recommend how limited resources can be best used;

Net Promoter Scores: a simple yet immensely effective and cost-efficient method of measuring the quality of the relationship a residential home and its residents by asking the latter how strongly  –  on a scale of 0 to 10 – they would you recommend the former’s services to family and friends.

Marketing Support

The data we gather is also a powerful tool to help clients develop a closely targeted, cost-efficient marketing strategy.  As part of our service, we and our associates will not only help them make best use of it but also to identify and apply for any grant funding available to help meet the costs.