What can NWA do for you?

It is important that our clients know exactly how we do business and what we aim to achieve with the different ways of working with you and your communities. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with young people, staff groups, people with special needs, BME or other groups, we design with you the appropriate package to enable you to reach your goals.

Whilst quantitative research methods gather a small amount of information from many subjects, personal interviews gather a broad range of information from a few subjects with face to face and telephone interviews achieving the best results.

Face to face

Our Face to Face interviews succeed in providing the depth of information you need as our professionals work closely and personally with the individuals within your client or target group.

Telephone interviews

The telephone interview is becoming more and more popular – it is a cost effective, standardised, time effective solution, with experienced staff, who know how to win the confidence and cooperation of your target people and who are always available to assist at every stage of a project. 

NWA uses the latest technology in conducting large or small-scale surveys. We can undertake all or some of the following steps required in research projects.

  • Questionnaire Design (using specialised software)
  • Sampling (through the Royal Mail UK Addresses’ Software) offering the opportunity of client-focused boosters
  • Distribution of Questionnaires
  • Data Entry
  • Statistical Analysis utilising the latest software (SPSS) with a dynamic and innovative team, specialising in quantitative analysis and advanced statistics.

NWA ensures application of high quality standards and quality checks throughout the research project.

NWA offers high standards of evaluation utilising a combination of research methods, according to the nature of the research project. We also offer benchmarking and strategic decision-making on a wide range of modernising issues to help you equip yourself with robust knowledge and data from which you can make informed decisions.
We specialise in the recruitment and refreshment of Children’s and Citizens’ Panels and Residents’ groups throughout Britain. We offer a variety of sampling methods to ensure they are truly representative of the required group and we host online surveys for Local Authorities and others.

Focus groups are a powerful means to evaluate services or test new ideas.

Focus groups normally are interviews of 6 -10 people at the same time in the same group, but we also provide workshops for groups of up to 30 people or community conferences with 60 – 80 people. Research groups have included young people, elected councillors, homeless people, services users, people with disabilities.

  • This approach provides a great deal of in-depth data and information during a focus group session. These include Users and/or Non-Users Focus Groups, depending on the research question.

Online surveys can be quick and cost-effective (particularly for large samples), but still need just as much careful planning as other approaches.

This type of survey can be conducted with:

  • the staff of our clients’ organisations
  • the visitors to a specific website or portal
  • tailored groups of web-users
  • or via email to known audiences.

Please go to our online research and consultation page for more information.

A team of enthusiastic and creative qualitative researchers aims to find the best way to meet client needs and the best solutions. The team works closely with quantitative colleagues guaranteeing a one team approach to your project.

NWA delivers Statistical Analysis utilising the latest software (SPSS) with a dynamic and innovative team, specialising in quantitative analysis and advanced statistics.

When carrying statistical analysis we look for:

  • Interesting patterns
  • Trends and groupings
  • Statistical significance of any figures reported
  • Reliability of the method
  • Validity of the research project
  • Representativeness of the sample and weighting.

NWA ensures application of high quality standards in simple or complex research projects.

We take into consideration the circumstances of each individual project concept and apply a unique combination of sampling methods to ensure an adequate and unbiased sample.

Types of sampling methods we undertake are:

  • Random Sample
  • Stratified Sample
  • Quota Sample
  • Snowballing Sample
  • Opportunity Sample.